What is Shoulder Resurfacing?

Shoulder resurfacing, a popular and less-invasive alternative to complete shoulder replacement, is a procedure in which the damaged humeral head (top of the arm bone) is replaced with a metallic head. This ensures that a large portion of the bone will remain intact while inserting a new surface to the ball of the joint. This resurfaced area is attached to the bone and encourages speedier healing timelines. Because shoulder resurfacing is considered a more conservative approach, it is especially ideal for patients whose condition hasn’t advanced enough to warrant a total shoulder replacement. Those suffering from arthritis, avascular necrosis in the shoulder or a rotator cuff injury may be good candidates if the damage is only within the humeral head region of the shoulder.

Our Treatment Approach

The experienced surgeons at OrthoCARE Institute are well-versed in many shoulder procedures, including shoulder resurfacing. We use evidence-based treatment and the latest advancements in healthcare and technology to expertly perform techniques designed to help our patients regain their quality of life. In most cases, your shoulder resurfacing procedure will follow similar steps:

  • Your surgeon will carefully separate the humeral head from the rest of the shoulder joint. This allows him or her to completely remove the damaged area while leaving as much of the bone intact as possible.
  • The humeral head will be gently reshaped to fit the metallic head inserted to the ball of the joint. The implant and the bone are attached and secured together.
  • The repaired top of the arm bone is placed back into the shoulder socket and the recovery process begins.

Oftentimes, physical therapy will be required afterwards to ensure optimal healing and to regain full shoulder strength. Because this is typically considered a minimally invasive and conservative procedure, small incisions are used and less bone is removed. This usually means less trauma to surrounding areas, less post-operative pain, easier revision surgeries (if required in the future) and a faster healing process that allows you to return to your daily activities sooner than later.

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