What is a Total Knee Replacement?

Osteoarthritis, injury, age-related degeneration and traumatic accidents can severely destroy the knee joint, rendering it beyond repair. For patients with this level of severity and impairment, everyday activities such as climbing stairs, lying down, sitting or even walking may be accompanied by unbearable pain. In such cases, a total knee replacement procedure may be necessary to restore functioning and eliminate discomfort.

The knee is made up of a complex system of bone, cartilage, tissues and ligaments. When one or more of these components is compromised, reduced functioning, chronic pain and weaknesses within the joint may develop. Through a knee replacement surgery, orthopedic surgeons can often repair the knee while improving the patient’s quality of life.

During a total knee replacement, damaged cartilage at the end of the femur (also known as the thighbone) and tibia (known as the shinbone) is removed. Oftentimes, a small portion of the underlying bone is also removed. The surgeon then uses metal implants to carefully restructure the joint surface. Finally, a plastic spacer is inserted between the metal prosthetics to ensure natural, gliding motion when the knee moves. In some cases, a surgeon may also restructure portions of the patella to provide additional stability and prevent further deterioration.

Our Treatment Approach

At OrthoCARE Institute, our team of experienced orthopedic surgeons help patients address a variety of knee and joint conditions. When you visit one of our state-of-the-art bone, joint and spinal centers, our highly-trained experts will carefully and compassionately examine your knee to determine the severity of your condition and its root cause. Then, we will develop an innovative, patient-centric treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

Generally, we recommend conservative, non-surgical treatments such as walking supports, medication and physical therapy to combat joint-related complications. For some patients, however, surgical intervention is necessary to achieve optimal healing. If you and your surgeon decide upon a total knee replacement, your doctor will help you prepare physically, mentally and logistically for your procedure. Many men and women experience remarkable relief and a highly improved range of motion after receiving a total knee replacement.

To learn more about total knee replacement procedures or to schedule a consultation with the OrthoCARE Institute, call us directly at 972-255-5588 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. From diagnosis to post-operative recovery, we are committed to providing care that exceeds your expectations!

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