Thank You from Jenn S.

Dr. Won,

Somehow it has escaped me to take a moment to thank you for an operation you performed almost two years ago. I wanted to take the time now to do just that…

For almost two years – this starting just 45 minutes after surgery when I started regaining feeling in my legs – I have told people that you “saved me”. You saved my lively-hood and possibly my sanity.

Although I am not totally fixed, my other issues do not negate what you have done for me. I believe that you have healing hands and I have thanked God many times for giving you such a unique talent – an unmatched gift.

Furthermore, please extend my gratitude to Dr. Bartis, Samir and the others as they are fiercely trying to heal me completely. I have the utmost confidence in your team, you and your entire operation. I have every intention to run again and maybe compete in a triathlon. When I again, regain the physical fitness abilities that I once had, I vow to give you guys my trophy/metal/plaque so that you may display to others the lives that you have changed, so that they, too, may find encouragement in others healing.


– Jenn S.