Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

  • Spinal Stenosis “It is with great pride that I report I rode in a 252 mile bike ride through the rolling hills of Iowa over four days last month!…”

    - Heidi D.
  • “I ran in the tough mudder 10k last month I may not have finished in the top ten but I finished without pain in my back and legs.Thank you once again…”

    - Richard M.
  • Spinal Stenosis “After surgery for Spinal Stenosis and a bulging disk and one day in the hospital I feel like a new person. I have been walking 5…”

    - Carol R.
  • Neck Fractures “Dr. Won is a brilliant surgeon who works miracles, but even better, he is someone who truly cares about his patients lives and families…”

  • “I cannot thank you enough for helping me out of this nightmare…”

    - Carol S.
  • “For almost two years – this starting just 45 minutes after surgery when I started regaining feeling in my legs – I have told people that you “saved me…”

    - Jenn S.