What is a Microfracture Drilling Procedure for Isolated Chondral Defect?

Throughout the knee joint, cartilage plays an essential role in providing cushioning, support and shock-absorption between bones. Over time, however, this cartilage can begin to degenerate as the result of illness, traumatic injury, arthritis or even age. Men and women sustaining cartilage damage often experience debilitating pain and swelling as it progressively becomes worse. For patients experiencing cartilage loss in one specific area, a microfracture drilling procedure may provide long-term relief.

A microfracture drilling procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that uses tiny incisions and a small camera to repair cartilage in the knee joint. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the loose or damaged cartilage. He or she then creates several tiny holes in the bone, just below the former location of the impaired cartilage. These minuscule incisions stimulate the growth of new, healthy cartilage.

After a microfracture drilling procedure, patients generally can expect to go home on the same day as this is most often performed as an outpatient procedure. A period of rest and rehabilitation will begin, typically followed by focused physical therapy.

Our Treatment Approach

The team of highly skilled orthopedic experts at OrthoCARE Institute regularly help patients recover from a number of diverse joint-related conditions. During your initial visit, one of our experienced surgeons will carefully and compassionately evaluate your symptoms, medical history and physical state. Based on this information, we will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual goals and needs.

At OrthoCARE Institute, we value the effectiveness of conservative, non-invasive methods, including mindfulness, medication, physical therapy and advanced pain management techniques. Some patients, however, require surgical intervention to obtain full use of their knee and avoid chronic pain.

If you and your doctor decide a microfracture drilling procedure may fit your needs, further diagnostic and imaging tests, such as an X-ray, CT scan or MRI, may be recommended. The majority of patients report an improved range of motion and significantly less pain after their microfracture drilling procedure.

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