What is a Meniscus Transplant?

In each knee are two menisci, or C-shaped cushions made of cartilage. The menisci are important components that provide support and stability between the bones of the knee joint. They are located on both the inner and outer sides of the knee. Unfortunately, age-related degeneration, arthritis and traumatic injuries can damage the menisci and cause pain, swelling, impairment and limited mobility. When a patient suffers a severe meniscus tear, a meniscus transplant surgery may be necessary.

During a meniscus transplant, cartilage from a donor replaces torn or frayed menisci to secure and strengthen the knee joint. An important factor in the success of the transplant is the correct sizing of the allograft (or donated cartilage) to the patient in need. The majority of meniscus transplant surgeries can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, which lessen the risk of scarring and trauma to surrounding tissues. Minimally invasive techniques also lower the volume of blood loss incurred during surgery while significantly reducing recovery times. Surgeons use a tiny arthroscopic camera and very small incisions to replace the meniscus with the utmost safety and accuracy.

After a meniscus transplant, rest, limited activity and rehabilitation are to be expected for optimal healing. A knee brace or crutches will generally be required for about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Regular physical therapy will also play a central role in maximized recovery.

Our Treatment Approach

OrthoCARE Institute’s experienced surgeons are committed to providing personalized care that exceeds your expectations. During your initial visit, one of our skilled orthopedists will carefully evaluate your physical state, medical history and symptoms to determine the location and severity of your meniscus injury.

Although we generally encourage conservative, non-invasive treatments first, patients with serious meniscus tears may require surgery to be able to return to the activities they love sooner and regain their overall pre-injury quality of life. If you become a candidate for a meniscus transplant, our acclaimed team will work to find the best fit possible and will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. From diagnosis to recovery, we are dedicated to ensuring the most effective treatment possible through careful monitoring and open communication.

If you have any questions about meniscus transplants, the knee joint or OrthoCARE Institute, call us directly at 972-255-5588 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to speaking with you!

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