What is a Joint Arthroscopy?

The complex system of muscles, bones, cartilage and ligaments that make up the knee joint can suffer a number of complications and injuries due to its unique structure. Sometimes, arthroscopic surgery is necessary for surgeons to finalize a diagnosis or correct a debilitating issue.

During an arthroscopic procedure, an orthopedic surgeon makes a small incision near the knee joint. He or she will then use a miniature camera and lighting system to brighten and magnify the components of the joint. By obtaining a clear visual of the knee, the surgeon can obtain a definite understanding of the patient’s condition. Additionally, many complications can also be repaired during an arthroscopy due to advancements in healthcare and technology. For example, the majority of meniscal tears can be treated through an arthroscopic surgery.

The key benefit of arthroscopy is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike traditional open surgery, joint arthroscopy requires only tiny incisions. Because of this, patients generally experience:

  • Less scarring
  • Less trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Minimized blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stays (sometimes arthroscopies are even performed as outpatient procedures)
  • Accelerated healing that allows the patient to return to their daily activities sooner than later

By offering a safe and highly efficient alternative to open surgery, arthroscopy gets patients back to their everyday lives more quickly.

Our Treatment Approach

At OrthoCARE Institute, our expertly-trained orthopedic surgeons regularly perform a number of minimally invasive procedures, including arthroscopies, for a range of conditions and injuries. During your initial visit, one of our surgeons will carefully and compassionately evaluate your symptoms, physical state, health history and severity of your condition. For many patients, the underlying cause behind their knee pain is immediately diagnosable.

If you are suffering from inflammation, the degeneration of cartilage, a loose body of bone and other less evident conditions, arthroscopy may become necessary sooner than later. Because arthroscopy procedures are minimally invasive, however, you are likely to experience rapid pain-relief and faster healing.

For more information about joint arthroscopy or OrthoCARE Institute, please call us directly at 972-255-5588 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you feel better, faster!

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