What is Arthroscopic Capsular Release?

The capsule that surrounds the head of the humerus (the ball) and the socket of the shoulder joint helps to avoid dislocation and provide stability and flexibility to the joint. When this capsule becomes damaged, injured or inflamed, it can cause intense pain, significantly limited mobility through the shoulder and arm and infringement upon a patient’s quality of life. Sometimes referred to as a “frozen shoulder” or adhesive capsulitis, the joint must be carefully freed and relieved of inflammation and abnormal tissue.

An arthoscopic capsular release procedure can oftentimes be performed minimally invasively. Usually completed as a keyhole surgery, the goal of the procedure is to release the tight shoulder capsule, reduce pain and reintroduce a full range of movement and mobility to the shoulder and arm. According to research, over 80% of patients report arthroscopic capsular release as successful and also experience rapid pain relief.

Our Treatment Approach

  • A nerve blocking injection will likely be used prior to surgery to act as a strong anesthetic and ensure you feel no pain during your procedure. Numbness in the arm and shoulder may continue for a short time after your surgery, until the injection fully wears off.
  • Your surgeon will create a tiny incision to insert an arthroscope (tiny camera) that will allow him or her to clearly navigate the swollen and inflamed shoulder capsule.
  • Using advanced tools, they will then remove any abnormal or swollen tissue within the capsule and adjust tight or otherwise constricted nearby ligaments to fully free the joint.

Because this procedure is most often performed minimally invasively, this is considered an outpatient procedure. This means that patients are generally allowed to return home on the same day and incisions typically require only small bandages for optimal healing. Other benefits of minimally invasive arthroscopic capsular release over traditional open surgery includes less post-operative pain, less trauma to surrounding areas and tissue and a quicker recovery period.

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