What is Arthroscopic Capsular Plication?

Known as loose shoulder surgery, arthroscopic capsular plication seeks to contract and tighten the tissue surrounding the capsule of the shoulder joint. This allows the tissue to, once again, securely hold the ball of the humerus within the shoulder socket. This procedure also helps patients to avoid the frequent dislocations and sensations of the shoulder “giving out” that are commonplace when suffering from loose shoulder.

Usually completed as a minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopic capsular plication is performed by inserting a small radiofrequency probe through a tiny incision in the shoulder to stimulate the capsule tissue into contracting. This tightens the shoulder capsule and usually provides near-instant relief to patients.

Our Treatment Approach

Most arthroscopic capsular plication procedures are performed minimally invasively. Generally, the surgeons at OrthoCARE Institute will follow similar guidelines to complete your surgery:

  • Tiny incisions are created in the shoulder to allow the careful insertion of a small radiofrequency probe.
  • Your skilled surgeon will use this probe to heat and stimulate the loose capsule tissue into contracting, which, in turn, tightens the overall shoulder capsule.
  • Generally, your surgeon will only stimulate portions of the capsule tissue that are necessary to provide ideal contraction and narrowing. This ensures that the joint does not become overly tightened.

Because this procedure is almost always performed minimally invasively, it is considered an outpatient operation and patients are generally allowed to return home the same day. Oftentimes, a post-operative sling may be temporarily required to ensure optimal healing. Additional benefits of minimally invasive surgery at OrthoCARE Institute include less blood loss, less post-operative pain, less chance of scarring and trauma to surrounding areas and faster recovery times that allow patients to return to the activities they love sooner than later.

At OrthoCARE Institute, we are committed to helping patients stay active, pain-free and healthy through comprehensive and compassionate non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments designed to restore quality of life. We look forward to helping you identify and treat your unique shoulder needs!

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